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 The KwaNtu Brand is a Gin and SPIRITS house that prides itself in African Heritage. Together with you, we seek to spark fruitful conversations about our culture and heritage.


Through the story of Ntu who originated along the River Nile giving birth to the indigenous people of Africa 

 we at kwaNtu believe that once we have a conversation about who we are and where we come from..


we will be able to find common purpose and UBUNTU. From Africa to the rest of the world, Share your story with kwaNtu.
Gin has been around for hundreds of years... 


Most know that it is a spirit flavoured with botanicals and that the key botanical is juniper. Having a long and varied history however meant that, when it came to preparing regulations to cover the category


(as was the case with many other spirit categories being regulated across the EU at the same time), the provisions had to reflect and cover (and standardise), the production and key requirements in place at that time.  

Distilled gin is a juniper-flavoured spirit drink, produced exclusively by distilling ethyl alcohol (of agricultural origin – a defined term in the regulations) with an initial alcoholic strength of at least 96% vol.

(i.e. a sprit that has been distilled to that ABV so as to ensure its purity, and must be certified to that standard, however often subsequently diluted down with water to a lower ABV for storage/safety and/or transport, before being redistilled with the required botanicals) in the presence of juniper berries (Juniperus communis L.) and of other all-natural botanicals, provided that the juniper taste is predominant. 


The first key requirement for gin is juniper. All of the gin categories lay down a fundamental ‘predominant taste’ juniper element, but this flavour profile element remains purely subjective. There is no definitive test of flavour/strength of the juniper as the lead botanical. 



This is a source of much debate, particularly given the increasing number of gins with strong additional flavour profiles. The intensity of juniper varies from brand to brand and indeed the type and geographical source of this natural product.  

The South African craft gin market is saturated as more brands enter the market with more products. As a young brand, it is essential that KwaNtu Gin know how to increase brand awareness and brand presence. Achieving this will ensure they remain viable in the market. 


A unique opportunity to help develop a purpose driven brand with huge ambition to grow and change the world. Background years ago, the One brand was born, a brand created to help tackle the global water crisis… 


Apple month is one of our favourite times of the year as this very special fruit holds a dear place in our heart. That’s because the perfect garnish for our G&T is a couple of fresh, crisp apple slices (and


The festive season has arrived and we’ve put together some of our favourite sustainable and ethical gifts. From cruelty-free chocolate to snazzy socks that help the homeless, there’s something for everyone. Socks that are going to change the world… 

KNtu (The Father of African Ancestors)

Gin is a juniper-flavoured spirit drink produced by flavouring ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with juniper berries
(Juniperus communis L .). 

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